STRONG 3-axis gimbal mechanism

Extremely STRONG 3-axis gimbal mechanism with big main bearing for our Medium Size BLDC gimbal with motors,
and our Gimbal dampening system V003.

Strong, backlash free, 3-axis for using with Rctimer GBM5208, GM60-80T
motors or other BLDC motors with similar size. Based on BLDC motor reinforced
with HUGE ball bearing, can handle a few kilograms without any problem.

You can be sure that this mechanism don't break during the flight.

Weight: 190g (without the motor)

- two CNC machined, black colour anodized aluminium elements,
- one bearing,
- fiberglass elements,
- spacers, screws etc

BLDC motor and  Gimbal dampening system V003 is NOT INCLUDED

Gimbal is compatible with:

- all our frames,

- V2 Medium size BLDC gimbal with motors,

-  Gimbal dampening system V003




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