FOLDABLE PRO Y6 copter frame for 25mm tubes

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NEW VERSION! (starting from 20-June-2014)

Comparing to previous version:

- foldable design, strong like standard version (or even stronger?),
- you can place ESCs near motors, or close to the center plates on arms,

We offer this frame in a few versions:
A. all parts w/o arms - if you have your own arms,
B. with 245mm long arms - for propellers up to 11"
C. with 325mm long arms - for propellers up to 15"
D. with 370mm long arms - for bigger propellers
E. with 400mm long arms - for bigger propellers

Materials: Fiberglass G10/G11 2.5mm thick center boards, carbon tubes 25mm/23mm

Weight: <> 600g with carbon fiber arms (with 325mm arms, including motor mounts).

Basic set contain center boards, motor mounts, all screws, spacers,
power distribution tower, etc arms (325-495mm your choice)
two standard arms and four with extra mounting holes (see photo),

Set do not INLCUDE (you can buy these parts separately):
- controller mount plate 
- protective cage 
- clear dome
- top LiPo plate highly recommended (batteries may be installed on the top of the frame)
- GPS suport 


Included parts: 

    - two black 2.0mm fiberglass main plates,
    - six motor mounts with boom block,
    - Power Distribution Tower
    - zipties,
    - screws, nuts, washers, spacers etc 
    - arms carbon 3K twill, 21.5x325mm or 21,5x370mm - your choice ,


Build LOG of similar foldable frame (click here)



Assembly manual (visible optional accessories)






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