Gimbal dampening system V5

Gimbal dampening system for gimbals mounted under frame.

Universal dampening system mounted under the copter frame, it can be used with:
- our V2 Medium size BLDC gimbal 

- "your gimbal" mounted directly to the 3-axis motor,

- "your gimbal" mounted to 3-axis reinforced mount with BIG main bearing,


You can use this dampening system with two, three or four dampeners under each arm.
For 2-axis gimbal with smaller camera like Sony Nex two dampeners (8 total) is enough.

Set Include:
- one big Aluminum plate 3mm thick,
- four 1.4mm G10 plates,
- 16pcs silicone dampeners, (dampening is capable to install of 20 dampeners, more available here)
- 4pcs of 30mm aluminium spacers,
- screws, washers etc

 Pictures shows Fiberglass top plate but this set contains aluminum plate instead.


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