Medium lift OCTOcopter frame with 21.5mm carbon arms


  Short description: medium lift OCTOcopter frame prepared for most popular controllers like ArduPilot Mega, ArduPilot Mega 2, 45x45mm boards like MultiWii and othe like DJI Naza / Wookong with optional adapter (bellow).

Materials: Fiberglass G10/G11 2.0mm thick center boards, 1.0mm protective cage. Clear dome 0.2mm thick.
Size: <> 820mm motor to motor distance (diagonal) with 370mm arms. <> 880mm with 400mm arms.

Weight: with motor mounts <> 1050g,

Recomended motors and propellers: frame is designed for medium motors and medium payload. Thrust up to 1.5kg / motor. Propellers: 10-11" with arms 370mm, 12" with 400mm arms.

If you want to use bigger propellers you should use frame based on 25mm arms (in our offer pretty soon).
Remember that any motors and propellers should be ballanced before using it!

Included parts:

- two black 2.0mm fiberglass main plates,
- protective black fiberglass cage parts (1mm),
- power distribution Tower ,
- clear dome, some velcro for dome mounting,
- zipties,
- screws, nuts, washers, spacers etc
 - bigger motor mounts,    

Not included: 

Assembly guide: not needed ;)

Landing Legs  


 Optional parts: 

DJI GPS Support plate 



Mikrokopter ESC's support plate with parts:

DJI Wookong/Naza support plate:



215mm clearance landing legs


310mm clearance landing legs



This is the last batch of these frames, carbon fiber arms may be shipped with a differnt fiber pattern. (twill, wave, 3k)  


Pictures shows optional equipment like controllers, motors etc are not included.

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