GoPro 2-axis gimbal for LL4 and other frames

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  A. Gimbal for Landing Legs - not assembled version of the gimbal without servos.


Gimbal fit GoPro HD, GoPro 2, GoPro 3, GoPro 3+


 Short description: 2-axis stabilized GoPro mount- VERSION 2!

What new? Completely new design, gear ratio <> 1:2.1, much less small parts like screws, washers, much more easy to assembly, much better stabilisation.

Product Code: G01K

Materials: Fiberglass G10/G11 1.5mm thick SATIN BLACK COLOUR.


Weight: <> 65g. <> 95g with two typical servos (not included!)

Included parts: All needed fiberglass parts, screws, washers, two ball-snaps, piece of velcro and strong ruber for GoPro mounting. Four ball bearings included - you don't need to buy bearings separately.

Gimbal for Lunar Explorer 4 : Vibration dampeners needed to join them together - not included in also do NOT forget about servos here

Not included: GoPro camera and servos visible on photos are not included in this set!

Description: Second, improved version of our stabilised GoPro mount. You need proper fly controller with gimbal control function - like  MultiWii or others. If you have simpler controller like KKuk you can try to mix servos with radio control...

Beware: Gimbal is avialable in two version: dedicated for Lunar Explorer 4  frames or Landing Legs - please select the version you want to buy.

Camera stabilizer was tested with HYPERION DS11-SCB, E-flite DS76, Hitec HS-65HB, EMAX ES08MD servos. This GoPro mount works fine with MultiWii fly controller.

Flying with camera can be very funny but can be very dangerous for your camera too.
Remember that in case of hard crash you can easy destroy your expensive equipment - you fly on your own responsibility!

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